Author Topic: What the devil is Sway?  (Read 886 times)

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What the devil is Sway?
« on: October 01, 2017, 10:04:22 PM »
Some may have spotted Sway in their Microsoft 365 or other packages and were afraid to touch it, in case it bit them. Well, El Capitan doesn't fear software!! So I played with it - and didn't get bitten.

Sway is something like PowerPoint - but hang on, this is not meant to be a PowerPoint clone or replacement. It can do as much as PowerPoint (PP) but even more. Some of us may not need to use the likes of PP in our legal studies, as it's mostly about TMAs which are usually submitted using a so-called 'word processor' such as MS Word.

So what's great about Sway? It can pull together loads of stuff when doing your reading or research. Creating hyperlinks and pulling in video material will only befuddle total luddites. If in your regular line of work you need to deliver presentations, I'd say practise up on Sway first. 'Presentancy' - works to better deliver your message.

Right - enough talk. I show my first Sway below - which is not about legal research. And no, it's not a thingy that just displays pictures and food etc. You click on some stacked pictures to move them in sequence. There is an arrow thingy in bottom right corner to move things on. Apols if you don't like Jamie Oliver.  :tongue: Clicking on image below takes you to the Sway!

There is a whole load of tutorials on Sway - which is bound to boggle the minds of some.
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