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Collab on New TLF Chatbox
« on: July 27, 2017, 04:09:40 PM »
The following video focuses mainly on collab docs. This is pretty similar to Google Docs or MS Word documents stored on Microsoft OneDrive. Members can use whatever collaboration service they wish.

The possible advantage of using TLF collab docs is that members have the advantage of audiochat or videochat, straight from the whilst working collaboratively on a document. So there is no hassle of setting up something like Skype then having to go to OneDrive or Google Docs. There are other collaborative features not covered in this post. If you can click a mouse and tap a keyboard, that is sufficient knowledge to work this - so this is not about IT (which causes some people to breakout in cold sweats). Why is  collaboration worthwhile. No lectures today on that. Okayyyyy?  8) You do it and discover if there is any value for you. If not - you do things differently. No one absolutely 'needs' to work collaboratively.

The video below may take a while to get going as it is in high resolution. High speed broadband is highly recommended. Much stalling expected on low speed connections. Feel free to skim through it first. Little story at the beginning.  ;D

I'll briefly mention audio and videochat as the could be used with collab docs. To use audiochat you will - obviously - need a device with an good internet connection  (>15Mb/s). Audiochat has not been tested from mobile phones. Videochat will require a reasonable camera and microphone connected to your device. Members are asked not to use these features just for social chatting, as it is bandwidth intensive on our resources (i.e. our servers have to stream stuff). Bandwidth usage is monitored in the background but for the next 2 weeks we will be reasonably generous, as we expect that people may wish to try out. For social chats outside of the latter period, telephones, WhatsApp, Skype and Google Hangouts are better. 

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